Shine Werks' line of annual protection products should be applied every year to maintain maximum protection for your vehicle. These are excellent products designed for maximum annual protection with great value.


Annual Rust Protection:

This honey-coloured, petroleum/wax based product is ideal for older vehicles. This rust protection has excellent penetrating qualities that enable it to go through any existing rust and bond to healthy metal to provide protection. It also has excellent “creep” qualities so it gets into all the little nooks and crannies to protect those areas where rust loves to develop. Annual Rust Protection is a non-drip formula that stays on your vehicle to provide protection for your vehicle, and to keep your driveway or garage free from mess and stains.

We use existing drain holes for application of our rust protection. All manufacturers design their vehicles with drain holes in strategic areas, like doors and rocker panels, to prevent water from collecting in those areas. Our undercoating wands are designed to pass through these drain holes, enabling us to spray protection into those sensitive areas.

Annual Rust Protection has one other special feature – it’s easy on the pocketbook!

Shine for a Year Paint Sealant:

This product bonds to the clear coat of the paint to protect the paint from bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap and UV rays. Some people think of it like “Teflon”, others like “a wax on steroids”. The best way to think of it is “protection for your paint – that lasts a year”.

The process is a straightforward, three-step process. First, we wash your vehicle to remove the ordinary dirt. Then, we treat your vehicle to a clay bar process which removes the bits of tar, paint, and other grime that stick to the painted surface. It’s a deep-cleaning process that leaves your paint feeling silky, and oh-so-smooth to your fingertips. Shine for a Year paint sealant is then applied and “removed” in the same manner as a wax.

Shine for a Year has a wax component built in. This makes the water bead on your vehicle when you wash it or when it rains. Like all waxes, it breaks down over time; you’ll know when the water stops beading. Don’t worry – the sealant is still there doing its job – it lasts for a year! But if you’re one of those who likes the water to bead when it’s wet, then feel free to wax it to your heart’s content. You’ll get the look you want and the extra protection that wax provides. And if you want the look without the effort, we’d be pleased to wax it for you!

Annual Fabric Protection:

It is a water and stain repellent designed to protect your seats, carpets and mats from spills and stains. If you don’t require the additional protection on the armrests, door panels and dash of your vehicle, this product is an excellent, economical way to provide protection for the interior of your vehicle.

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